Hi. I'm Natalie. I like French things and music. I'm into alot of different anime, manga, American comics, American cartoons, video games, and a bunch of other stuff.
[Multi fandom]
incudes: KHR, ToS, Tales of Anything, Rune Factory, SnK, FT, DGM, and many more.


The Iwatobi Swim Club being such sweethearts to the new Samezuka Captain: The Crybaby RinRin.

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cubot asked
Natalie, be wooed by Rin's swaying hips in his cosplay cop outfit. BE WOOED.

It’s not that I’m being wooed… I’m just honestly terrified. Why can a body move like that?! It doesn’t make sense. Yes I like sharks and all, but this…. This I don’t like too much. But I will try.